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Pressing Matters 05

...een, twee, drie, vier

James, 2018 was created as a four-step relief etching exploring tonal variation and simultaneous contrast. This new project by printmaker Ed Catley enabled him to develop more tonal variation in his work (moving away from simpler compositions), by using three different shades of grey and a solid black to top it off.

“This process has enabled me to rework my large scale woodcuts as mini-print relief etchings. I’ve always loved the way one-step relief prints flip from black to white, but in this four-step relief print, flips also happen between tints, shades and mid-tones.  I used chemically etched magnesium plates, allowing the original large scale dimensions to be scaled down to produce a very crisp image, which I’m especially happy with.”

For the geeks (yes, that’s all of you), the printing was done on a Vandercook Universal I on 170g mouldmade Zerkall Butten paper at LetterpressAmsterdam.

een, twee, drie, vier