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Printing in Swiss

I recently travelled to Switzerland to start arranging a new survey exhibition ‘Printing in Swiss’. I met old friends and made new ones in an attempt to enlist contemporary Swiss artists and select works for the group exhibition. My idea to follow up last year’s ‘Printing in Dutch’ exhibition with a Swiss focus was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. I was able to give examples of previously curated exhibitions and the artists could instantly understand what the objectives and the deliverables were.

There is still a lot of work to do, but we’re off to a flying start. I’m confident that the exhibition, in the Spring ’23, will provide another opportunity for people to socialise and view even more world-class contemporary art in the West Midlands.

With @lawrence.grimm at Forchstrasse 33, 8032 Zurich

Love is in the Air, 2021
Artists: Lawrence Grimm



Printing in Swiss