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This exhibition surveys recent work by artists, illustrators and designers working in Switzerland, including 30 works created in Basel, Bern, Kriens, Lausanne and Zurich.

As a country where diverse traditions and cultures meet and interact. Switzerland has always been a melting-pot in the heart of Europe. This is why the visual arts in cosmopolitan Switzerland display such enormous variety. There is no such thing as ‘typically Swiss art’. There is a clear and repeated focus on the Alps as a living environment. The tendency to be modest is also a recurrent theme.

By and large, printmaking in Switzerland is just as diverse as the country itself. Few countries of this size can boast an arts scene that has attracted international attention, admiration and imitation over such a long period.

Ed Catley, Viola Chiang, Adem Demarku, Helen Eggenschwiler, Lawrence Grimm, Tami Komai, Simon Kroug, LINE FOUR, Valentin Magaro, Stella Pfeiffer, Eva Rust, Franziska Schiratzki, Lucinda Tanner, Phillip Thoni and Nando von Arb have exhibited across Switzerland and internationally. Their prize-winning work is held in permanent collections worldwide.

MC Gallery, Wolverhampton
8. March – 24. May 2024